We attempted to get a statement in the notices, but we couldn’t given that it had the expressed word‘gay. ’

And I also can’t state ‘GSA, ’ because no body would understand what I’m speaking about. 214

Misty A., teacher in Texas, similarly recalled:

Us use the word ‘gay’ on posters when we had the GSA on our campus, the principal wouldn’t let. The explanation ended up being that it’s a gay group, the kids might get bullied if they know. I believe she simply didn’t wish the word…. 215

Some GSAs were unable to market inside their college or perhaps in specific places in the college. In a minumum of one example, certain instructors refused to own GSA posters near their classrooms. Arthur C., instructor and GSA advisor in Texas, said: “ we had some instructors resemble, you can’t hang those near my room—three of these. ” 216

For some GSAs, posters had been greatly managed, as well as in a manner that is different other teams. Misty A., instructor in Texas, recalled that the main at her college “insisted on approving all posters, that they didn’t do for just about any other team, and also haven’t done since. ” 217 Lillian D., an instructor and GSA consultant, in Pennsylvania, said that while her college generally permitted the GSA to use, it absolutely was forced to just just simply take its posters down before an open home attended by moms and dads: “No other groups needed to defeat their indications. The key simply desired our indication straight down before moms and dads came in.