SEE: Prosecuting lawyer describes the reason why players were not charged

Your so-called victim, in accordance with reports, is disciplinsideed in her own account concerning just what took place your evening at many interview among police officials. This girl over and over repeatedly indicated which she failed to permission inside intercourse plus this girl froze within the second although being tossed across the sleep for the vehicle.

This girl told one sex attack nursing assistant Examiner (SANE) any particular one for the soccer players taken the lady locks right back then this harmed the woman throat.

“we told him never to however that he didn’t end, ” this girl informed their SANE nurse. “My throat ended up being drawn all of the form as well as it had been difficult to inhale and also talk and I also believed as though I happened to be to be lifted from the crushed through my own hair. ”

The girl said the players forcibly pushed her to the bottom of the truck bed when cars passed by in a May 2018 interview with a Clyde Hill detective and the lead prosecutor on the case.